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So i haven't felt my creative juices flow lately and feel the need to work with someone of talent. Anyone intersted in working on some RNB/electro blues music?

New CD!

2014-01-15 01:07:30 by Rexxist

So I am currently working on my second album. There will be lots of spacy, electronic stuff as well as some rock. So if you are into that, then you might have something to look forward to. I am actually really excited! There will be quite a few collaborators on this. None of which are on Newgrounds. I really wanted to tell a story through music and get a certain message across through the course of a whole album. So hopefully I will achieve that! If anyone is an artist and is interested in helping me come up with some artwork. I will PM you the information for the concept. I would be extremely greatful! Thanks guys! Have a great day.

Something one my mind

2013-11-08 13:59:51 by Rexxist

Interesting, the elusive methods that people use to get you to think like them. Things like understanding, compassion, and patience. Occasionally, they will crack an innocent joke about your beliefs but they still act like they love you and treat you like one of them. By doing this, they set themselves up above you intellectually and morally. In their eyes you're just slightly dumber than them and haven't experienced the right things in life. They know that if you are around them long enough and develop a dependence on their relationship, you will eventually start to compromise on your beliefs just to keep them as a friend. But if you don't, they will tolerate you and try to never talk about those things that you disagree on. This is stemmed from deep and well hidden pride and intellectual laziness. People have no respect for other's opinions and no interest in truth so they make statements like "Lets just agree to disagree". Lets ignore our differences and be nice to each other. They try to build relationships on different, more shallow foundations rather than the deepest and most important ones like purpose, world view, and the pursuit of truth. Its so elusive and that is what makes it so effective. "People have a deep longing for social acceptance" those that have realized this are now using this knowledge as a tool to spread their ideas onto others. It destroys part of what makes us human as well as true friendship and the overall intellectual growth of society.


2013-11-01 13:14:43 by Rexxist

So i recently discovered what it feels like to be cheated on... Be expecting a few songs on this topic.

I make videos too!

2013-05-27 09:40:06 by Rexxist

Hey yallz! Check out this dance video i made!

A new year.

2013-05-01 15:15:00 by Rexxist

So far this has been a pretty crazy year for me. Just finished my 3rd year of college and released my first cd. It is called Time Won't Stop. If anyone is interested in getting a hold of a copy then just shoot me a pm. It is 10 bucks. Anyway, if anyone is interested in collaborating on some music just let me know. God bless. Peace!


2013-02-09 12:44:11 by Rexxist

So I am finally gonna try to make some bucks off my music and soon be releasing a CD! I have literally never been this excited in my life! We will be having a party/live show to celebrate and hopefully raise enough money so that i can eat for the next couple of days or weeks or YEARS. Um... if you live anywhere near Cleveland, Tn (which i highly doubt. ha) and would like to attend this event i will be posting time and date later. We still have yet to work out the details. But it will most likely be like in mid march. So yeah... Party! Music! Love! My three favorite things!
Thanks for the critique and support and whatnot!


What up yo!

2012-12-04 10:33:15 by Rexxist

What up!
I have two new songs that are near completion. Be sure to tune in. I just got my new sound card so I'm pretty pumped. I will post one today. The other one in the upcoming days. Lots of work to do. Super busy with school so its kinda hard to find time for this stuff. But i try. Anyway peace.

I am Back!

2012-10-07 23:53:42 by Rexxist

SO! As i hope at least 13 of you may have noticed, I have finally been posting some music again. I am excited to say that i will be making an album soon. Hopefully, i will put on itunes or something. IDK. I will see about that.
I really don't have a whole lot of fans for some reason. But thats okay. Ha. I have realized that making music is a lot more about just doing whatever the hell i want and a lot less about trying to please someone. So if you like my music then i definitely appreciate it and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. But if you don't then please tell me why. Even though it probably won't change anything i still appreciate a musical mind and definitely take things that people say into consideration. I guess that kinda contradicts what i said earlier. But then again why would i not listen to you people? YOu guys are actually pretty smart. (For the most part) Anyway, Take a listen and keep your eyes and ears peeled cuz I will be doing what i love a lot more for you beautiful peepal now that i don't give a shit. Its weird how that works eh? When you care too much you just get stuck and you don't do anything. But once you just dont give a shit your life suddenly gets drastically better. But seriously, how can you not like my music? I mean come on? What is there not to like?! It has verses and choruses. Some times even bridges. And sometimes its actually catchy! Its a lot better than what i used to make! Its pretty good!

Anyway, here is a picture of a koala bear. Just to make this post a little more random. (If you have windows this is one of your sample pictures.) ANYWAY PEACE!

I am Back!

story of my freakin life!

2012-01-25 11:51:19 by Rexxist

Sigh. So life has been pretty miserable lately. I lost all of my recording equipment. Or rather, its been rendered useless because my computer crashed and now I'm stuck with this outdated laptop. Bottom line is that my music career has taken a serious halt. Sorry to anyone who actually cares. haha.