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I am Back!

2012-10-07 23:53:42 by Rexxist

SO! As i hope at least 13 of you may have noticed, I have finally been posting some music again. I am excited to say that i will be making an album soon. Hopefully, i will put on itunes or something. IDK. I will see about that.
I really don't have a whole lot of fans for some reason. But thats okay. Ha. I have realized that making music is a lot more about just doing whatever the hell i want and a lot less about trying to please someone. So if you like my music then i definitely appreciate it and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. But if you don't then please tell me why. Even though it probably won't change anything i still appreciate a musical mind and definitely take things that people say into consideration. I guess that kinda contradicts what i said earlier. But then again why would i not listen to you people? YOu guys are actually pretty smart. (For the most part) Anyway, Take a listen and keep your eyes and ears peeled cuz I will be doing what i love a lot more for you beautiful peepal now that i don't give a shit. Its weird how that works eh? When you care too much you just get stuck and you don't do anything. But once you just dont give a shit your life suddenly gets drastically better. But seriously, how can you not like my music? I mean come on? What is there not to like?! It has verses and choruses. Some times even bridges. And sometimes its actually catchy! Its a lot better than what i used to make! Its pretty good!

Anyway, here is a picture of a koala bear. Just to make this post a little more random. (If you have windows this is one of your sample pictures.) ANYWAY PEACE!

I am Back!


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2012-10-09 16:24:51

I'm excited to hear some new stuff from you! :D Personally, you have a style that I would call your own. This is good. I think it's an excellent idea to keep with what you're doing.. So.. Keep at it, good luck.. Stay inspired.. Don't let douchebags get you down. :)
P.S. Me instead of them has been looping in my head since I first heard it. d:

Rexxist responds:

Thank you my friend! I will stay inspired and hopefully produce even better and more enjoyable tracks for you and anyone else that wishes to feast their ears. :P