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What up yo!

2012-12-04 10:33:15 by Rexxist

What up!
I have two new songs that are near completion. Be sure to tune in. I just got my new sound card so I'm pretty pumped. I will post one today. The other one in the upcoming days. Lots of work to do. Super busy with school so its kinda hard to find time for this stuff. But i try. Anyway peace.


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2012-12-20 14:36:45

hey man, just curious what do you use to record?

Rexxist responds:

I use the program cubase 5. And a US-122 TASCAM soundcard. A Gio Ibanez guitar and a pair of mk105 mics. The soundcard is crap though. It's really old. I only use it because its the only thing that works with my laptop.