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2013-11-01 13:14:43 by Rexxist

So i recently discovered what it feels like to be cheated on... Be expecting a few songs on this topic.


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2013-11-01 17:05:03

sorry about....that do you wanna watch newgrounds TV click on my name
and again she was a bitch for cheating on you

Rexxist responds:

thanks yo. I'll check it out.


2013-11-01 19:15:57

sorry dude

Rexxist responds:

thanks man.


2013-11-02 09:44:37

i know that bitch rina-Shinigami tried to fuck me up as the ultimate curse! We are all affected by her bullshit!


2013-11-03 17:12:06

Well that sucks man. Don't let them drag you down though! Stay positive! There are still plenty of honest people out there!

Rexxist responds:

Thanks bro. Gotta be a bit more decisive next time. I kinda saw it coming...